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microsoft publishing ?

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Hi Everyone........has anyone used this software to create their websites from? If so, does it work well? I'm very new to the website stuff.......I'm just realized I had this software on my pc @ work and discovered it can build webpages but don't know how compatible it is with the real world of webs.

If this doesn't work well.......what is the best yet easiest to use (and somewhat cost effective) software to use to build your website from scatch?

Any help would be qreatly appreciated.....thanks:cheesy2:

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I used Publisher to do my first website, it got the job done, but it didn't work too well. I would suggest starting with another program before you have most of your site designed and have to start over because of its limitations.

Most people will tell you the same thing. It doesn't have all of the features that programs that are strictly dedicated to web creation.

I am currently using an Art Explosion Publisher Pro program I picked up at Sam's Club and it is alot easier to use. I know that it is not the best program either, but it is better than Publisher.

I have heard others talk about Dreamweaver, but I have not used that one.

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Guest EMercier

I use quick shopping cart with Go Daddy. Very easy to manage. I'm currently learning Dreamweaver in class. Let's see how that goes.

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