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How to get scratches out of pillar mold

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You *might* be able to use some fine steel wool like is used in wood working. You can get them at Home Depot and such places.

I figure that the ones you use to scrub pans at home might be too course.

You might try using the steel wool on an old mold you don't use, then make a candle with it, just to make sure. It could cause a patina finish on the candle. Not sure.

An area on a candle that comes out a little rough might be easier to polish out than the big scratch. Not sure about that, either.

Kinda all depends on how bad the scratch is.

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I used one of those steel wool pads for cleaning dishes (like SOS). I rinsed all the blue stuff out and tried on the deepest part of the scratch first. I figured, what the heck, its ruined if I try it or not, so I tried it.

It seemed to make the scratches more shallow.. I am pouring some wax in it right now to see if it was enough. If not, I will rub it again....I'll let you know the outcome either way...

Again, thanks for your responses.

Pam in da UP

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WTG Pam! I agree with your thinking. It's ruined so you really can't make it any worse. How far down does the scratch go? Just a thought. If you can't get it out and you still have a few inches of good mold, you could always cut the mold down or just pour up to the bad line. I'm interested to see how you fare with your scratch repair. Keep us posted.

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If you get the initial scratch out but the sos pad leaves smaller scratches, you can always go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get the other type. They're about $2 a pack.

It may not be worth a lot to fix this one mold, since they aren't *that* expensive. Learning how to fix these things could be worth a mint, though. It could happen again. It could happen to a mold that for some reason can't be replaced... etc.

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Well, I got the large goudges out with the SOS pad and poured some wax, let it set and unmolded it...not bad, definately better than it was. :yay: I think dustpuuppy is right with the next smaller steel wool. I kind of think of it like sanding a wood floor, start with the larger grain to get down to the wood then use the smaller grain to buff out the scratches from the larger grain.

Thanks all who gave infor or support. Now you know that a mold can be repaired, even if not to 100%, but back to a usable state....if nothing else, it will be a mold for only rustic pillars....hahaha:cheesy2:

Pam from da UP :rockon:

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