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Cut and carve candle wax questions

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Hi everyone 😊

  So I'm really keen to learn to carve those gorgeous cut and carve candles. I have the tools but I'm on a wild goose chase for the wax to use. Can anyone tell me what wax they use and what melt point that wax has? I'm in Australia and its nearly impossible (or so it seems!) to find a wax thats good for carving. My Mum gave me a block of pure paraffin but she has no idea what melt point it has or anything and when I tried to carve it just to see how it would work, I had exactly 2 minutes before it was beyond useable. It cooled far too fast even in a warm room. I know nothing about waxes or the additives that I've spotted mentioned here and there online. So any help would be so amazing!! 


 I also have one other question. I have a book on carving candles by Dana Marie Brooks and she says that titanium white oil paint is an acceptable substitute for white dye pigment. I was wondering if any other coloured oil paints would work the same, or would they bleed together/not dye well? Oil paint is much cheaper for me to source than dye pigments. 

I've experimented with the white oil paint and in a clear and white candle it worked beautifully. I just wondered how other good quality oil colours might work? 


 Thanks so very much to anyone who can help me out with this!! 

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