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dragon egg candles - what type of embeds?

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I've seen these dragon egg candles that melt to reveal a dragon inside.  I'm wanting to try it, but all the videos say to use a ceramic dragon.  Unfortunately... I'm having a very hard time finding small ceramic dragons, and the few that I have are all handpainted/sealed.  I'm concerned that they will be flammable.  I've found some resin dragons and I'm wondering if they will work (or will resin melt?).  I've seen some resin candle holders/etc, but I'm just not sure.  I honestly don't have a problem buying to test, but I figured I'd ask first because I hate to ruin a handpainted product if someone tells me 'nope, that's a horrible idea.'


To be fair... I'm new to this but go big or go home (I've done lots of other crafty stuff before that includes measurements, so I'm not too worried about that part).  I have everything I need except the embeds, and I always thoroughly do my research for all crafts.  Also, I noticed that a lot of these videos have them spraying sealer on the outside of the candle, but it's impossible to find a non-flammable sealer anywhere around me, so I question whether this is really safe.  My gut instinct is that nope... it just won't get sealed on the outside and any color variations I do will need to be done with the wax/layering/carving.  


Any experience/knowledge on ceramic/resin embeds or sealers (on embeds or the candle itself), would be greatly appreciated!




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