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I dont know if anyone else has seen this, or how true it is, but I just thought that it was important to show it to as many people as possible for the safety factor.


After posting this and realizing the attachment didnt attach, I didnt of reasearch and found this about the email I got. The email example is the exact email I received.


I guess everyone needs to decide for themselves, fire hazzard or not!

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I also quit using them several years ago when a fuse blew out for no apparent reason. When I went into the bathroom the socket around the plug-in was black with soot and it looked like sparks had come from it from the 'burn marks' on the plug in. :shocked2:

I pitched the air freshener and put in a new electric socket and plate....I guess that's why we have fuses! I think that's what stopped a fire in our house.


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