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Has anyone tried Wooden Wick Co. new waxes?

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The Wooden Wick Co. launched a supplies section on their website recently. They offer a Coco Apricot wax and a blended Coconut wax.

I am wondering if anyone has tried them yet what they're opinions have been?


I initially didn't even give them a thought because I thought they'd be overpriced but it's actually slightly cheaper than Northwood's coconut wax. Interested to know if the quality is any good.

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Yes, I tried Coconut Apritot and I really like it. I am using 6oz tins from CandleScience and small ribbon wicks from Northwood. So far, they've performed well - very nice pour, good scent retention and throw. I tried them with the round wooden wicks and didn't hear a lot of crackle. I personally found the ribbon wicks the best with this and gives them a bit of uniqueness. They seemed to have better scent throw with the ribbon wick versus a regular one. 

I've also used Northwood's coconut wax and really like it. Again, used the ribbon wicks. 

Not sure about Wooden Wick's cocunut blend (noticed it was cheaper) though. I will say I had a problem with an order recently (broken vessels) and Wooden Wick was AMAZING with customer service in resolving it. So I will likely order again from them. 

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