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How would I make a camoflauge chunk candle?

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Hvae any of you ever done this? In my area, people are big into camoflauge and someone just asked if I could make them one after I get the hang of actual candle making. I know I'd want it to be a woodsey smell, but I was just wondering if any of you have done this and if you have any certain color suggestions, etc?

Any help would be appreciated. :D

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Hmmm well...I would do this...

Dark Green (Forest Green), Black, Brown chunks. When I cut them out I would pour the wax in a pan and use an exacto knife and cut into puzzle like pieces...random but not square. Mix them up when finished, try to place them in the mold so the flat sides are up against the side, doesnt obviously have to be perfect it is a chunky after all..then use a butterscotch or a Ivory with a tad of brown as an over-pour.

no idea what scent, maybe a sandalwood, or patchouli?

I hope that made sense. I can just visualize it...it would look really cool.

Have fun!

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I ordered wax for both (the container and pillar) and several wicks to try out, so I figure I'll give it a go in both and see how they turn out. Only way to find out is test the heck out of it, right? I don't expect a masterpiece the first go round, but I think these would be unique, at least around here, because we only have one candle-maker in the area that I know off and her candles are horrible. Once lit, it smoked and actually smelled so bad that I blew it out within thirty minutes of lighting it. I took it back and demanded my money back. It was supposed to be an apple-cinammon candle and it smelled like...well...I hate to say it, but the garbage can. On a good note, she gave me my money back and I learned my lesson.

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Could also use tan, sand and off-white for the sand camo, then a clear overpour...

I would use something like maybe an ice tray to get bigger chunks, then smack the crap out of them to get the various different sizes and shapes then just fill it.

Now you've got me wanting to make some chunks, been a while LMAO!!

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