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Candle Heater questions

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Candle heater videos on YouTube have become very popular but I can't get the info I need from these videos
Doing searches on the web, I see lots of candle making info, but it is not related to making a candle heater

Here's my situation:
I have a small Van/RV.
The smallest propane heater is still way too much heat for a small van.
I have the smallest Mr Heater propane heater and it is way too hot
Plus, burning propane adds lots of moisture to the air which you do not want in a RV with humans and dogs making their own humidity with every breath they exhale

So, I tested a candle heater in my shop and it works really great and will probably be just right for my van
My heater uses a large aluminum block with fins and a very small 12 volt fan that blows air through the fins

All I had on hand for the shop test was a scented candle with 3 wicks
I would like to pour my own candle into a metal base container that I have
I could add as many wicks as I may need to customize the heater


This is what I would need  to make custom candles for this purpose
The candle wax should burn as scentless as is possible
I am wondering if the wax burning will deposit itself on the interior surface of the van?
Is there a type of wax that just melts down and can be re-used?

I see lots of people using simple tea candles in the videos

My question is what type of wax would be best to use for this purpose?
Thanks for any help.

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I forgot to mention that I have melted and used the Gulfwax clear wax they sell in the canning section of grocery stores
It was used as a chain lubricant many years ago

Not sure if that is a good choice for my purpose or not?

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