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Moving from Hand Pour to Semi-Automated

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Hi -


New here but I'm hoping that someone would be kind enough to share their experiences growing from small production to fulfilling large orders (1000+) 2/4/8oz tins.


I've had a few conversations with a company named Rite-Hete and they offer a was dispensing unit, EZ Wax Dispenser  which can be paired with one of their melters.  Does anyone have any experience with this equipment or what are ya'll doing when fulfilling larger orders of hundreds of candles in a single scent?


My wife is the candle maker and I'm just trying to help her our so forgive my candle science ignorance.  I know my wife heats to some higher temp for her soy candles, adds scents and such and then cools to pouring temp, how would this be achieved using these larger vessels, do you just need to use two of them and transfer from one to the other?

Thanks and I apologize for the ambiguous question :) 



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Just got the gun from rite here myself. It's super helpful and has allowed us to up production but to be honest if I had to do it again, I'd probably go with a different company. The gun leaks after the trigger is released unless it is perfectly level and their automation system is bull. Good luck trying to figure out the time aspect back to what you were using before if you change volume. Still better then hand pouring but frustrating for the money.

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