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Need suggestions for memory candles

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Hi guys. I rarely post here but follow these posts avidly. I have a cause that's dear to my heart and need to pull from all of your experience and knowledge. A school friend of my children (grown now) lost her baby to a domestic violence situation, and if that wasnt enough, since the state couldnt go after the abuser quite as easily, they instead aggresively pursued this young lady who was a victim.as well, and since her family was so devestated emotionally, spiritually and financially, she once again payed the price and she herself is in prison. 2 years later, the abuser was finally convicted and much came to light to exonerate this poor young woman. All this to say, the grandparents (parents) are living with this tragedy and injustice and we all try to support as much as possible. A few months ago I made the grandmother a candle in a 16 oz wide mouth mason, LX 18, 6006 wax, Aztec tobacco scent and she adored it. Apparently she keeps candles burning round the clock, so I would like to make her some nice candles that would burn slow and long yet bring some joy in the way of scent. I am open to buying any supplies, but have the 8 and 16 oz WM masons, 12 oz salsas, 6006, 444, 464, 415, and lots of wicks, scents. Any ideas would be appreciated. Also, on a personal note, always question what you read out there, the media can make or break any of us at any time, and please keep this family in your prayers! Thank you in advance! Nancy

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Guest OldGlory

Nancy, what a heartbreaking situation. Things are never as they seem, and it can be so tragic when the truth isn't uncovered. I am so sorry.


Are you thinking that you want sort of 'background' fragrances? Subtle, layered? I love Aztec's Tobacco for those reasons.

You might like Aztec's Mistletoe Kisses - there's a lot of nuance in it, and I think it's sort of playful and thoughtful at the same time. I would rename it though. Badedas from Rustic Escentuals is another gem. To me it is a Zen fragrance. Cactus & Sea Salt from Aztec is another good one. All of them work in 464.

And if I missed your train of thought completely please let me know.

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That's actually a great idea! Tobacco was the first one I made and they loved it. I have Mistletoe Kisses and it is subtle, so would be perfect actually...thank you so much for the input. I think I'm going to underwick a bit as i think they burn longer than normal...Thanks again!

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