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Water clear/water white FOs


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Hello all,

Newbie here w/fo coloring question.  Wanted to see if anyone knew if there was some kind of centralized list of water white/water clear FO's for companies other than BB?  I am trying to get a really, really clear base color - testing w/WPS and AHRE/Stephenson's crystal bases -  I know SFIC makes one but it is reputedly a bit cloudier) and would like make sure the FO does not muddy the clarity.  It seems like BB is the only company which actually lists which of their FOs are water white/clear (list and helpful SQ tutorial link below.)  




Or if folks are interested maybe we can start a list of FOs that we know are water clear through testing?  Not sure how often this comes up, I generally use colorants and don't worry about water clear/water white qualities, but need them this time.

Am going to post this in some of the other soap forums too.


Thanks for reading, and for any responses.



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