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Sometimes everything goes wrong that can go wrong


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Hi there,

business is growing, thank God, since I re-started in September and even though it is so much work (setting up all the products in my webshop and fulfilling the orders and doing some wholesale orders) it is starting being fun again.

I fulfilled my orders very well, so far, but there is one customer who must be either really disappointed or think I'm plain stupid. First I didn't send him the right amount of each item he ordered, then forgot something and today he has written men that the brown candle dye has turned out to be a green one (which isn't my fault, actually, but that of my supplier, well..anyway). Of course I apologized a hundred times, sent him the right stuff and put in some extra goodies, but I feel so bad about it.

Does this happen to you as well or am I the only one?:undecided

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It's called being human :) Even though we strive for 100% perfection, we are prone to error. It sounds like you handled it very well but it can be hard to shake the feeling of letting a customer or yourself down. Find comfort in the fact that the error was caught, brought to your attention and you did what you could to make it right.

We can be our own harshest critic. I know I am. Sometimes to a fault :/

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