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A New One on Me

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Amazing...from time to time I search around the net just to see what's going on with gels these days. So today I find a new site that is stating that gel candles with glass embeds are unsafe and the candle most likely will explode!:shocked2: Theirs of course are safe, because they only use wax embeds which keeps the candle burning at less hot temps.

Then I go on Etsy and there are people on there selling candles again with silk flowers and dehydrated fruit. And these are not forever candles. They are wicked. Another seller says for safety, the wick does not go all the way to the bottom!:shocked2: The ones with silk flowers have the wick going right thru the center of the flower. And they want $25-30 a piece. What have we said about people trying to make a quick buck without going thru the expensive and work of testing?

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