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Woot! After two months of shows, we sold a candle!


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We've hit the local craft/vendor fair circuit and have done a show each weekend for the last 2 months. Clamshells, melts and wickless in tins have sold well.

We FINALLY sold an actual wicked candle today! LOL It was a 4 oz in a potent peppermint fragrance, and we only sold it because it was the last item in that fragrance we had left.

We're thinking for next weekend, instead of taking a selection of cash/carry for the candles, we'll just take one in the three sizes we carry so the customer can see the style of candle in wicked containers and will take orders. It'll sure be easier loading up the car with the lighter products, leaving the heavy guys at the workshop.

How have others handled this situation where market trends have shifted?

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I would never take orders. People go to craft shows to buy. Craft shows aren't the proper venue for special order. The only way people will place orders is if they are long term permanent customers. That might work at something like a home party.

Plus people aren't going to want to order so close to Christmas. People will be impulse buying.

And you have to think about delivery. How would you get the candles in the customer's hands?

That's just my opinion.

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I have only gotten a handful of special orders at a fair. Only 3 from the last fair and 2 were from friends. I'd rather take the inventory and make a sale at the fair than take special orders that need to be delivered; delivery takes gas money and more time.

I agree with Slliver - in my experience people want things they can take with them for gift giving especially this close to the holiday.

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