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Benefit of beer soap


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I really liked the beer soap that I have made. Have various types of beer that I'm wanting to try as well. The sugars in the beer help make a nice bubbly bar. And, it feels nice on the skin as well.

Brambleberry has some beer type scents that smell very nice. I just got them and haven't had a chance to try them in soap yet. The are Honey Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Pumpkin Lager and Raspberry Porter. I have used a Ceder blend, a Lime blend and a Mint blend in the beer soaps that I have made. The beer smell doesn't really come through. Although, I have not tried a dark stout yet so not sure about that. I think you could use just about any fragrance you want. I've been grabbing beers that have certain ingredients, like orange, strawberry or cherry and matching it with a fragrance that I have.

I really like beer soaps and will continue to make them. And, they do appeal to the men.

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