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Suggestions for wicking

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Okay, I'm going outside of my comfort zone again! I've got a mold that is 6" diameter & 4.5" tall - I'm going to triple wick it - I use 4625 and LX wicks (or could use zinc) Anyone have a suggestion for a starting point size wise on the wicks for this? It's so big I'd really like to not have to burn toooo many of them figuring it out.... TIA!!

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I have never done anything like that size, but I've been on an insane pillar burning roll. For my 3" diameter pillars I am using LX-22 and LX-24 (for darker colors) with a slow consumption of the sides. I have not added scent yet, I'm working on which wick I like the best for a basic pillar first, but those are working very well.

I have used an LX-18 and 20 in a 2-inch diameter soy blended (with paraffin) pillar and it did well.

I don't know if you add anything to the 4625 or not. When I have made pillars with no additives I get a little too much bulge on the top(of a 3-inch), so I do add stearic and I'm working on my own blend to firm it up when burning.

Based on what I've seen my pillars do with those wicks I would put in three LX-14s to start. If you are using a deeper color, I would try the LX-16s.

Also, I have found that the length of time a larger candle burns affects it's overall performance. Large pillars are designed for long burns. I am having the best success with 3to6 hour burns with my 3-inch. My two inch are doing well, and I can let them go as long as I'm around to watch them.

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