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  1. Now you've really got me thinking!! For now, I am going to try Coco84X and Ceda Serica Waxes. I will certainly update once I spend some time over there...but that won't be until April/May of 22 assuming travel is not restricted.
  2. I was hoping the Coconut Wax was coming from the Philippines or Indonesia. I am visiting over there next spring so I will keep my fingers crossed that I will get to meet with some good suppliers in those areas. I wish there was more transparency about where the ingredients are sourced. I don't understand all the secrecy about what part of the world it is coming from. As for paraffin, I have never been a fan, due to the black soot I see that comes from it, and from my daughter's allergens and skin issues that developed after she started burning a lot of paraffin candles in her home. As for soy, I don't like the links to deforestation from the soy industry as a whole, and I do not like all the chemical processing required to create soy wax with any decent scent throw. From all that I have read, I prefer to stick with Coconut Wax and Beeswax.
  3. Thank for all of your helpful guidance. I think I will start with trying some pre-bended FO's, and then also blend some EO's and go from there. I am overwhelmed with the amount of FO blends out there!!
  4. For my candle business, I plan to use primarily Coconut Wax. I was very excited about the Ceda Serica (Coconut Apricot) Wax and ordered it right away, only to later realize that it contains paraffin What a disappointment! So now I am on the hunt for a great Coconut Wax that does not have any soy or paraffin added to it. I am thinking a Coconut/Beeswax or Coconut/Beeswax/Apricot Blend may work for me. I have found Accublend's Coconut 84X Wax, but also read the thread on Coconut 83 and someone mentioned that they thought Coconut84X is the same as Stone Candle's Coconut Bar Wax which does contain Coconut/Beeswax/Apricot but also soy. Is there another wax I should be looking at? Are any of you creating candles without any paraffin or soy in them? Should I perhaps work on creating my own wax blend so I do not have to worry so much about the supply chain?
  5. I am starting a new candle business and am curious to know what everyone does for creating their own unique fragrance blends. I was hopeful that I could buy a "library" of high-quality, phthalate-free, single-note fragrance oils from which to create my own scents. I see very few single note fragrances out there, so I am curious to know if everyone is creating their own unique blends by combining multiple (already blended) scents. Or is there a manufacturer that I am unaware of, that provides all single note fragrances that all of these other companies start with? Many thanks for any input!!
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