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  1. Hi, I have a question for those who are soap makers/ or know about soaps and essential oils. Im looking to start my liquid soap line. and I'm trying to find oils that are scented and safe to use on the body. Such as peppermint, citrus, lavender, rose etc. I have messed around with peppermint oil and a liquid based soap. But I don't know what I did wrong. the solution was too watery and barely was able to smell the peppermint. An I using the wrong oil? and wrong measurements? Like what I have been trying to find is a pure scented oil that I can add in small amounts to the liquid soap without ma
  2. Thank you! I have different coco-soy waxes, that I am not sure of the amount that was put into these waxes. Some of these samples, I can tell that some are smoother and creamier than others. and others are more smooth and solid. Ive reached out to my manufacture to get more info on these waxes but they are not sure. of the messurements that were added.
  3. Thank you! yea my manufactures don't really know the how much of soy or coco waxes they put in. they sent me 5 to 6 wax samples. all soy and coco wax but different textures and melting points. Literally sent me a shipment and told me to test and let them which wax they want me to make.
  4. What are the best wicks for coco-soy candles. current looking at htp, cd. but which works best with this coco soy wax type.
  5. Hello, Im looking for someone to shed some light on an issue I've been having for months now. I am using a coco-Soy blend from this local manufacture here in my city. I've been having issues in getting a great HOT THROW scent on my candles. I've tried low temps at 120 the lowest and 175 being the highest. The way I've been doing It, has been that I will add the FO at 180, then pour into the jar at 175 or at a Lower temp 165 , 135 and 120. and still no hot throw. the cold throw, has been great. I also been using CD 7 wick for a 9oz jar, diameter of 2.88 in and a circumference of 9 in. I would
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