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  1. I never knew CT develops during cure time as well! Thank you so much for this info. I cure all my candles for at least a week before selling so I will lid them and smell them again when cured! Very true! I'm considering marketing this candle as having a more subtle scent on my website
  2. Thanks for your feedback! I did test all my scents, formulas, fo-loads and wicks before I started making them in batches so that was luckily not the problem :). I actually figured out the problem was unfortunately with my nose, not the actual candles.. I had all members of my family smell the "scentless" candles and to them the scent was actually quite strong. After a long walk outside to "re-set" my nose I smelled them again and yes, I could smell them now, not as strong as my family described it, but the scent is there. I hope this is not the beginning of the d
  3. Hi all, need some advice on remelting a batch of candles I made yesterday using C-3 Naturewax. I made 3 batches with 3 different scents, all using the same method in the same containers (200ml / 7oz jelly jars). Two of the batches have a great cold throw, the third is practically scent-less.. Now I'm thinking to remelt the scentless batch to add more FO, since the FO used is way more subtle straight out of the bottle compared to the other two. I just wanted to check if anyone has experience with remelting a batch, adding more FO and then re-pouring? Is there a
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