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  1. Hey guys, It is the first time that I am posting in this forum section. I hope I will get the necessary information from here. I do make candles at home. Last week, my room caught fire due to wax fire. It happened due to the mischievous behavior of my son. He took the paraffin wax( that I use for making candles) without my consent for experimenting. He boiled the paraffin wax and poured it into water & wax fire was formed. He shouted and ran out of the room with minor burns. I scolded him for what he did. When the fire started to spread in my room completely, I called the fire emergency services. They came to the rescue on time and extinguished the fire. My room is almost damaged. So I am planning to hire a nearby fire restoration service. Has anyone hired such services? Has anyone faced a similar experience as me? How can we educate our children on not using candle wax for experiments? Please share your thoughts regarding this matter. Thank you
  2. I am a newbie here. Its my pleasure to be a part of this forum. I make candles at home and happy in doing it. I am interested in candle crafts and looking forward to try a hand in soap making too. Thanks!
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