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  1. We let all of our candles cure for a 2 week minimum just to be sure we are doing all we can.
  2. Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read and off your advice. We have pretty much settled on 464 for our container candles and pillar of bliss for our wax melts. So my main question is for those of you that have been in this game for a while, what % FO are you using? We are currently using 10% in ea but i would like to reduce that if possible. I know testing is key but there are SO many different opinions everywhere. I've seen a few people say they use 20% in their wax melts 🤔. Not knocking them but I couldnt do that and still be able to sell the melts for a reasonable price. Back to the 464 I've seen people who say if you need more than 6% you aren't doing something right.. We currently are using 8oz jelly jars with lx14-16 (depending on FO) and they do ok. I understand that's a small candle (5.5oz) so it's obviously not going to fill a big room, but I feel like I could improve on the HT. Thanks for any advice or tips, looking forward to your replies.
  3. Thankyou! Its definitely easier said than done, a lot of people including myself to begin with think you just put a wick in and pour your wax. Boy, how wrong we all are haha. We have some great local customers so far from our test launch to get feedback but we are still learning every day and hope to get this rollercoaster figured out so we can produce the best cost effective candle for people in our area.
  4. Hello! Happy to be here. Hoping to learn a lot and only cry a little 😂. What's your name? Josh How old are you? 28 Where do you live? Alabama How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Candles, march if this year How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? AWife is stay at home and I was looking for something she might would enjoy and could make some extra spending money for herself here and there. Plus she loves candles so it was a no lose situation. Are you married? Any kids? Yes If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? Mechanic Anything else we should know? Hmmmm... not sure.
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