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  1. What is a power burn? Currently I’m using country lane 100% soy wax along with their beeswax coated wick. Size on package said up to 3”. FO is abbey&sullivan, a local wholesaler where I’m at.
  2. Here is a pic I forgot to attach, this is with a wick claiming to be for 2-3” diameters. And the first burn was for At least 2 hours
  3. Hello all! im new to candle making. I’ve been working with 100% soy. I’ve been making them in 8 ounce tins,(3 inch diameter) but having a hard time finding a wick that works well and gives a good MP. I’m using 8% FO and have great CT but having a harder time getting a strong HT. Idk if it’s related to wax or wick?? All the wicks I’ve tried either leave tunneling or too hot and I’m scared it’s burning off scent. I’ve used wax, wood, and cotton beeswax coated. (All from commercial retailers) all claim to burn for 3 inch but I’ve found NOT the case. 😡 Again not sure if I need a soy blend o
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