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  1. Thanks for responding! I also like spa like scents. I’m more a clean/fresh scent type of person but I would like to have a variety. I will definitely be doing a lot of testing with different scent. I think I’m going to start with a fresh, floral, bakery/sweet, and something masculine and go from there.
  2. Hello 👋🏾 all. Would like to take a little poll/survey about basic/starter scents. There’s sooooo many different suppliers, scents etc etc I was wondering how do you pick lol. What are 4-5 good basic scents to start with ? What are you go to scents. The wax I’m using btw is 464. Love getting you guys input. Thanks Sheree
  3. Thank you Sarah! I appreciate your feed back, I’m still learning all of this. I enjoy making the candles it just can be a little frustrating trying to get a good candle lol. I’m going to get there though.
  4. Thanks. Do use 8oz or 9oz? Where do you purchase from? I’m thinking about switching from my jelly jars. I don’t want to make the switch to soon. I know I have to test, test, test lol.
  5. Hello wonderful people!! I hope everyone is doing well. I have a question or 2 😊. I’m currently testing 464 w/8oz jelly jars, using 6% FO and 3 different wicks. I found out that I overwicked big time. I used a CD 10,12,14.... I am going re-test using CD 8 and 10s. For some reason I feel like because the jars are tall and kinda skinny, there is going to be black smoke/soot on them anyways. Again, I’m new to candle making and don’t know anything. I’m thinking about switching jars and going to 8 or 9 Oz straight sided jars but not sure. I know I have to test test test and more testing. I want to know if anyone uses jelly jars and if so even with the correct wick is there black soot on the jars as the candle burn low?!?! Thanks in advance.
  6. The CD 10 is what I think I will go for. I’m going to try a CD 8 as well. Thanks Trappeur!
  7. @TallTayl ok thanks for the input. I will watch for those things. This is more difficult than I thought lol
  8. 1.464 2.second 3.about 2.5 hours 4. 6% of Grapefruit and Mangosteen It’s seems like it’s more levels to candle making than I thought.
  9. Hello all 👋🏾 I hope I am posting this in the right spot? Anyhoo..... I must say I love love love this group! It’s so much information, tips, and tricks. So, I have a question about testing wicks, mushrooming etc etc. I’m testing my first batch of candles, they been curing for 13 days ( soy wax....too anxious to wait that extra day lol). I used CD wicks, the recommendation size, a size up and down. I’m oh so new so idk what I’m actually looking for in the wick. To me all of them are mushrooming, so does this mean these wicks will not work with this fragrance?? Or vice versa. See attached photo. I’m learning and trying. Thanks
  10. Thanks @Sarah S, I get it now. Wet spots is not a big deal. I need to focus on mKing sure my candle smells good and burns safely. 😊
  11. @TallTayl I do agree a safe, smelling candle is what I’m going for. I was just curious if that is what is meant by wet spots. @CandleRush thanks, I’m going to let them cure for about two weeks. 😊
  12. @Trappeur thank you!! I heated the wax to 185, added FO (Bamboo and coconut) at 160, and poured at 130. I am going to let it sit for about 7-10 days before testing. @NightLight I actually used 6% FO. The area they cooled down in overnight was a bit chilly ( the kitchen). I’m also going to invest in a digital thermometer, for some reason I think that would works best. Thanks.
  13. Hello all.... I’m oh soooo super new to candle making and I think I’m going to like it . I poured some candles on Saturday using 464, I know I need to let them cute before I begin to test them. I just want to know is this what is meant by jar adhesion / wet spots. I think my tops came out pretty good for my first time making candles. Thanks for your input
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