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  1. As some of you might know, Coconut 83 wax is sold out EVERYWHERE. It's my own fault, but I waited too long and now I'm in a bit of a situation because I'm almost completely out and I blend a small amount of it with soy wax. I'm debating what to do. My options are put my shop on vacation until it is back in stock or just make my candles without it. I don't think I use enough to significantly affect burn but it would definitely affect the finished look and I'd have to retest my products. What would you do?
  2. I need a black (or as close to black as possible) candle and I'm using 444. I've tried black dye drops and got grey. I also tried 1/2 of a black dye block in 20oz of wax and got grey. I don't want to use TOO much dye because I don't want to create burn problems, but I do want more of a black. Does anyone know the max amount of dye I can use? Anyone have any tips for getting a black soy candle?
  3. I'm wondering what temps everyone pours at with 444. I've seen suggestions anywhere from 150-90 degrees! Where do you pour? Do you adjust based on outside temp or humidity?
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