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First time using flat braid wick question

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If you are using a wick pin, you will have to prime the wicking or you will never get it in the pillar. When I wick my molds, I don't prime. Some do, some don't, works both ways.


Hey e, not that I would recommend threading unprimed wick through a hole in a pillar, but I have a wicking needle that would let you do it. It is the scariest and most dangerous looking piece of chandlery equipment you ever saw.
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I found my answer. Here is my dumb question for the day. Are you suppose to dip flat braid wicking in the wax before putting it in the mold or leave it like it is when you purchase it? Thanks.

If you purchased "unprimed" wick, yes. Unless, you wick your mold as Eugenia descirbed above. If you purchased "primed" wick and use a wick pin, no.

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I have a wicking needle too lol it's like 4 inches long...hehehehe
That's nothing. My wicking needle is thinner than a pillar pin and 18 inches long. When I first laid eyes on it I was plagued with thoughts of what it could accidentally do to someone, so I stored it the safest way I could think of and it creeped me out every time I used it. Now I've kinda gotten used to it but it's still the scariest implement I have.
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