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Happy Accidents


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I ordered this wax accidently from "Candles&Supplies", for some reason I didn't realize it was a Palm veggie wax...which I wouldn't have ordered after dealing with soy pillar wax. However, it turns out to be fantastic. It looks good, seems to be 1 pour and has a smooth "silky" finish. It also seems to easily absorb FO (even Vanilla). After reading the boards I was expecting to have trouble with it sticking in the mold, however it actually begins pulling away from the mold and will slide right out even before the centers solidify!


"Drakkar Type" from RA (Black Cube).

"French Vanilla" by Peak (Yellow4" Round)

"Cool Water Type" by RA (Blue Cube)

Happy New Year All


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Should have been more specific:

The Wax is called "All Natural Crystal Pillar".

Right about the wick. I originally put in the recommended "LX German Coreless" brand LX20 (4 1/2" to 5 1/2" Pillar) which I saw recommended for Veggie wax... It tunneled and drowned in no time! I replaced it with my trusty Heinz Coreless Pre-tab CD-18 (4" to 5" Pillar). In the pic the CD-18 hasn't had time yet to do it's damage to the pillar walls but it burns great. Dont have any CD-20 on hand, which is probablly what it needs.

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I use this very same wax and love it, but it isn't a 1 pour from what I've found. I thought in the beginning that it was a 1 pour and ended up tunneling when I burned it. Be sure you test those. Portia

Ahhh...thanks for the warning!!...out of habit I poke holes and refill anyhow, it just didn't seem to make a difference and I was gonna stop...but now I won't...

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