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Silky Lip Balm


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Silky Lip Balm

2 tsp Candellia Wax

1 tsp Mango Butter

9 tsp Almond Oil

1/8 tsp vitamin E

1/2 tsp Lip Balm Flavor Oil

Home made lip balms are the best!

You can use pure, rich, exotic ingredients and also you can flavor them the way you like them.

Melt first 3 ingredients together on low heat. When fully melted remove from heat and stir in Vitamin E and flavor.

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Could I add Jojoba oil instead of almond oil? I have friends that have to stay away from almond oil. Thanks
I'm sure you can. Almond oil has a shorter shelf life, too, so I think jojoba would be better anyway.

This makes a little over 2 oz. The tubes hold about .15 oz, so it should fill between 7 and 10 -- depending on your tubes.

I like to work in percentages and don't use flavor oil, so this is how I converted it:

16% - .33 oz (2 tsp) candelilla wax

8% - .16 oz (1 tsp) mango butter

75% - 1.5 oz (3 Tbsp) almond oil (or oil of your choice)

1% - .02 oz (1/8 tsp) Vit E

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Could I sub Shea Butter for the Mango Butter?

You will find slight differences between lip balms made wit different butters - I find mango more cooling, and shea more warming, for example. Until I discovered ButterEZ I could n't make balms with either as both went grainy on me. I find palm oil a remarkably good sub for shea or mango actually!

Try some different options and see what you like - but be sure to give them 48 - 72 hours to harden before drawing any conclusion as these waxes take a long time to reach their full hardness.

And label with a full ingredient list so that people who are allergic to mango will know its in there.

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