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Bath Bomb Molds


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I don't know if they are gonna work but I found round ornaments with candy in them at K-Mart. Two diff kinds-one pk of 12 plastic with willie wonka candy in them, 2.49 a pk. Larger then the big meat baller I have. Then ones even larger- metal with nerds and stuff in them-49 cents each. Trying them for bath bomb molds. We'll see.


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Ok guys sorry for the delay. Just tried the christmas candy ornaments. The 12 pk of plastics work like a dream and are just about exactly double the size of the large meatballer I use. Much easier then the meatballer to unmold. My recipe says use two to a bath (I only use one and have been happy with the results) so one of these big ones would be just fine for a bath. Only get 10 from a batch. How much do you all sell bombs for? I haven't even priced them out yet-only doing for family & friends- but I think they are kinda expensive due to my ingredients.

The metal ornaments don't work-have a "lip" inside that I didn't notice and make them impossible to unmold.

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