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So I guess I'm adding incense...


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One of the stores here in town lost his lease, and I made the mistake of going in the other day. He had boxes of incense burners with brass inlays for a steal! I don't sell incense (yet) but my father convinced me to buy 2 boxes (almost 1000 burners). I suppose I can't get mad at him, if nothing else, they'll make great freebies.

I'd never even thought of adding them to my line of product, but you never know when a good thing is going to fall in your lap!

Off to the orthapedist to find out why I can't move my knee....

Have a wonderful day!


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My daughter LOVES incense. In fact, Scented was kind enough to send me some to put in her stocking. She was soooo excited. Usually when she's burning one, I freak out thinking the house is on fire. When she burned Julies incense, it didn't smell that way. You could actually smell a nice fragrance. Kudos Julie! My hat is off to you gals that can make incense. :D

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