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Wicks in 8 oz tins?


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Hi all!

I'm trying my hand at 8oz tins tonight. I'll be using J223 and 51z wicks. My question is, can I wait until the candle "congeals" a bit and then simply stick the wick in the wax, or do I need to use a wick sticker and place the wick in the tin before I pour the wax? Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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I think it's best to adhere to wick to the container prior to pouring so that as the wax melts, the wick doesn't end up coming loose and floating.

If you have wick stickers, those work great. A high temp glue (for glue guns) or a silicone (GE Silicone II)...

However, if you're just starting to test wicks, I wouldn't put a wick in at all. Wait until the candle is totally cool, use a skewer to poke a hole in the wax, stick a wick in and start to burn. If the wick isn't working, it's easy to take it out and try another size without having to remelt the whole thing. This won't work when the wax gets low (the wick will come loose), but it definitely gives you a good idea of what will work.

Good luck!

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