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Does anyone know..


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a supplier near Atlanta. :undecided I am new to all this and was wondering if there were any places close that I can get my stuff from. I don't want to pay the outrageous shipping costs of some of the places I have looked at. Any info would be helpful!


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Hi Kelley, There are no wax suppliers in NE Georgia.

Here are some suppliers that are close.

Tennessee Candle Supply in NE Tennessee.

Candle Science in Durham (I think), NC.

Carolina Candle Supply in Charlotte.

Alabaster and Aztec have been mentioned.

I'm in Rome. Where are you located in Atlanta?

Golly we need to have another lunch...


edited to add....When ordering heavy supplies, wax & container, try in stay within your UPS/FedEx's shipping zone.

Don't trust shipping calculators. Call the company and ask what exact shipping will cost.

There are some FO companies in & around GA.



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I believe only those of us who live in Alabama have to have a tax ID to order from Alabaster. I've ordered from lots of companies and Alabaster is the only one who ever asked for my tax ID; when I questioned them (because I didn't have one the first time I wanted to order from them), they said it was because I was in the same state. Evidently you can order from other states without paying state tax. And you may be able to order from Alabaster, even within the state, if you're willing to pay sales tax (I don't really know about that--it just seemed to make sense!!).

Let me know if you find out my understanding of this is wrong.


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