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My Lunchtime Find


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I'm both excited and sad. Sad because our Big Lots is closing and I LOVED that store. But excited because I got 89 cases of Ball Golden Harvest jelly jars there during lunchtime at 70% off!! My personal preference is the smooth-sided jelly jars that I get from Alabaster, but for this price I can get happy with these. As my daughter suggested, I could save these particular jars for fundraisers (although where I'll store 89 extra cases just waiting for a fundraiser I don't know!).

Just wanted to share my excitement.


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...he might take you up on it! He wasn't too happy when I told him about getting all these jars--our utility room is still pretty full from my last truckload of jars and wax. He said he didn't know where we'd put more! (But I'll find somewhere.)

Oh my!!! LOL,,,well us Chandlers NEED all our stuff,,,:laugh2:

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