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first try at whipped shea!


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I'm snooping...can someone clue me in on the whipped shea? You take a hunk of shea and whip it, how?...can you then use it straight? I just 'discovered' shea recently, like two days ago, and have been using it..I love it and I am not, so far, experiencing allergies. I would like to get some for myself, but have no idea what to do with it once I do. help.

I would really like to mix it with Emu Oil....any ideas? Is that do-able?

Thanks for the lesson!


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WOW they are small, I have the same container on the left (its a bigger version though) that's why I thought they were big! Once again you did a GREAT job. Forgot to ask before did you scent it? If so what did you use and did it compliment the unrefined shea?

Fern-Marie you can do a search on here for WHIPPED SHEA, you should get a TON of info. Its great I add emu oil to almost everything I make myself its my fav oil (so healing). :)

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