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What is the best way to start lotions


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What is a good way the start making lotions? I want one to put in jars not tubes..something creamy...What about labels...allergies? things like that...

WOW Dianne, that is a lot of questions. :D I would probably suggest that you do a search on the board and I know that you will find alot of information. That would probably be the best place to start. HTH :wink2:

Dawn :tiptoe:

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A place of vast resources would be the Cosmetic forum in the archived SoapDish - you can see it even if you weren't a member on the old board.


Over 8000 articles, and there's a ton of good information. Lotions are easier to *make* than soap can be, but you have to *really* be careful about contamination, a problem you don't have to worry about with soap. So you need to learn about preservatives...

http://www.soapdishforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2222 lists some basics. Here's a page from one of the vendors ISP http://www.ispcorp.com/products/preservatives/

Have fun! I loved playing and making lotions, but never developed anything I really liked. One day!

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