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The burn after a deep melt pool

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Just wondering if anyone else has the same experience as me.

When testing a candle and it produces a deep melt pool, I'll blow out the candle and pull the wick and replace it with a different wick. I'll let the candle cool off for about four hours then relight with the new wick. However, it seems that the burn after a deep melt pool is usually small with a low flame. It reminds me of the small flames I get if I don't let my candles cure long enough after the original pour.

Should I let the candle re-cure for a couple of days before testing again? Seems the deep melt pool would have nearly the same properties as a freshly poured candle, albiet with slightly less FO and more wick trash in it.

Am I over-thinking this? Or should we wait to test a new wick size after a deep melt pool?

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I would pour a new tester under these circumstances. The only time I pull a wick and put in another is if it is immediately apparent that it doesn't work. I only use that method to eliminate the ones that drown out immediately or are huge flames right away. After that I pour either one or two testers with the wick size or sizes (with glued tabs) that I want to try. I'm not sure you would get a true test by switching wicks after a deep melt pool. I only say that because I have found that a candle burns a lot differently on subsequent burns than it does on the first burn. I wouldn't think that cure time would affect the flame size. Cure time is usually for hot throw.

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