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Made my first OMH

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I made a 2 pd batch facial soap of OMH Goatsmilk and it went surprisingly well. My first milk soap and my first venture beyond the recipes I've found there.

I used frozen goatsmilk, 2 tbs honey and 2 tbsp finely ground oatmeal. I didn't color or add an f/o but I would have had plenty of time to play with it. I expected some acceleration from the sugars.

I put it in the freezer overnight then let it sit on the counter a couple days before unmolding. I was surprised how easily it slid out of the mold. It has no coconut or PKO--I was expecting a sticky mess. It's mainly light olive oil, palm oil, and rice bran oil with a little each of castor, babassu, avacado oil and shea butter. But then this is only my 4th batch so I don't really know what to expect.

It's a nice creamy color and the oatmeal appears to be throughout the bars but it has no real fragrance to it. I was hoping the honey smell would come through but it didn't. I think I can smell a touch of the oatmeal but not much of anything really.

I cut it today. Can't wait to see how it turns out after curing. I figure it may take longer to cure and prob won't lather much. It is a facial soap though so it just needs to be moisturizing.

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Congratulations!! We do OMH Scented and Unscented. We have many people that pick up both and tell us they can still smell the unscented. I can obviously smell the scented, but when I smell them at the same time, it's almost like the unscented has fo in it, but just not as much.

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Congrats on your 1st batch of GM OMH. I made mine a week ago and was delighted everything went smoothly as well. I also did the frozen gm trick but reserved some of my water to warm and melt the honey in and added the honey to the oils before the gm lye solution. Worked like a charm!

After 24 hours after I unmoldedl my soap batch I could smell it. I made it unscented yet it smelled divine! The honey gave the oatmeal scent a soft sweetness. I am really liking the unscented batch. I'm sure it will be wonderful to wash with it. Can't wait for it to be cured!

Hope you like yours as much as I do my batch.

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