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mottle mottle mottle


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I just like to say mottle!

Here is my first real attempt at a mottle. I tried one just previous to this one, but used vybar in it and it just turned out nice and smooth and solid colored. This time I used 1 1/2 TBSP palm stearine in 1 1/2 lbs Yaley 147MP wax, and 1 1/2 oz of Gemlite Hyacinth FO for a 6% load. First pillar had #3 sq braid and it was a flamethrower, so I wicked down to #1. Added 7 drops Burgundy dye at 190*, stirred real good, reheated to 185* and added FO. Stirred again and heated abck up to 185* then poured in preheated seamless alum mold. Poked relief holes, did second pour. Slid out of mold, and was sweating FO and dye! Had to paper towel till dry, but here it is! Feel free to critique, I need the help!


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Thanks for the comments! I'm curious though as to why it mottles well on top but not in the middle. Could it be the cooling rate? I did preheat the mold and wrapped a towel around it till I poked the relief holes, then removed.

DW loves how it turned out, but does not like the FO. I poured another with same dye and wax but did not add any stearic this time. Just added Black Cherry Bomb from Candlemaker's Store at 5%. Judging by the looks of it so far, I will probably regret not adding the stearic. It looks like it will bleed pretty badly. I will know more tonight when I get home and do the second pour.


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