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in search of a soap buddy..


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I know there has been lots of talk about why people don't like to help people any more ect...

But I was wondering if someone could help me make my first batch of cp soap....

I don't want to do it with lard....

and I am soooooo lost....and confused...I would really like to make a batch of soaps that would be ready for Vday to give my boys..yes..my boys like to smell good! lol

i have done sooo much reading that i am just lost! Sooooo If there is someone sweet enough and wanting to help me walk thru my first batch i would forever be greatful!



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Hi Tara!

What helped me when I made my first batch was to have a printed out tutorial with pictures to help me through the steps. That way I could take a look at what it should look like at every step. It really helped me through my first soap batch. I believe this is the tutorial I used. I found it helpful.


As Gloworm suggests, why not post the oils you have and any questions you may have? I've only been making soap since November, so I'm not an expert. :D


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