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Beeswax Container Candles?

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Hi, All!

I am TOTALLY new to candle making! I'd like to make some beeswax container candles. Will beeswax work for container candles or do I need to blend it somehow? Also do I select the appropriate wick size for the container or the wick recommended for beeswax candles?

Thanks for your advice!



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Bee's wax burns a lot hotter than parafin. I think it's melt point is up around 180. Normal pillar blends melt at around 160 and the most common container blends at have about 130 melt points.

The problem is; what kind of container are you going to use that will safely handle all that heat ? My guess is that Pyrex glass would be all that would handle it and that would be expensive. I'm not sure I'd trust even that, for something I was going to sale.

If you just want your candles to be 'natural', I'd suggest some of the soy/veggie waxes.

Your question was, can this be done. It can be done. I'm just not sure it should be, though.

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I was thinking of using wide-mouth canning jars.

I have what I refer to as my 'test rig'. I put my test candle in a pyrex bowl, then sit that inside of a cheap metal stock pot. If it were me, I'd rig up something similar to test these with.

My guess is that the canning jar is going to fail from the heat and dump very hot wax all over the place. That's just an educated guess, and it's more guess than education.

I may be proven wrong, but bees wax inside of glass is a bit scary, even to me. I'd test several, before trying to sell them. I'd especially make sure to burn a couple all the way down, in one burn, without trimming the wick. Some idiot will do it at home. Said idiot will then try to sue you, if the glass explodes.

If you're selling, you have to assume that all your' customers are total morons who are unwilling or unable to follow the most basic safety precautions. I know that sounds harsh, but it beats losing your home in a lawsuit.

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I used to buy beeswax candles, and have never seen a beeswax container candle. I'm sure there is a reason for this. That wax is HOT!! I've had votive holders break from the heat of beeswax votives. :tiptoe:

If I were you, I'd either make beeswax pillars, or just blend a little bit in with soy wax. If you do this, don't use more than about 5% or you may get cracks on the top of your wax.

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Point taken.... can I blend it with anything else besides soy? Just curious! What are some favorite container waxes? THANKS!!!!!!!:smiley2:

Hmmm, haven't heard of blending it in with a paraffin blend yet. You may want to post a separate thread in the general discussion board and ask there. :)

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Thanks, Beth! I've got that newbie feeling all over again! Soap I understand...but candles???????? I appreciate the feedback the CTers are giving me! I am glad to be here!


Soap always looked complicated to me.:smiley2:

I'd suggest you start out with something simple, rather than bee's wax. It has a reputation for being hard to get along with.

I'd suggest getting a container starter kit. Even if you don't want to do parafin, it's a good way to learn the basics. Peak has some of the best kits I've seen, but there are some around that can be had for less money.

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Jennifer is correct. Even with BW votives you have to watch. I do mine with LX16s but have very thick holders - and still I use to watch them. I quit doing them with BW and now use a soy/paraffin blend because I can wick cooler.

You can find 100% BW containers - but they are wicked to leave a shell - for obvious reasons of heat. To me, since the wax is so expensive, its a waste.

BW pillars and tapers are the best use (candle-wise), IMO.

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