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Rebatching questions


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Hi everyone

Merry Christmas! I just posted my intro over on the off topic board, and I thought I would just right in with a question or two..or maybe more lol. My questions are about rebatching. I make m & p soaps, but I want to make soaps that have a primitive "old fashion" look, kind of like the cold process look and I heard rebatching would give me what I need. However, I am having major problems. I've tried three different recipes I have got off the internet and I've ended up with nothing but suds. I tried stirring fast and I tried stirring slow..I tried nothing but a slight poke here and there...suds! Can anyone tell me where I can get a good simple rebatching recipe and also some say to use milk, some say water. Which should I use? :undecided If I use milk, do I have to add a preservative so they dont mold or go rancid? And do these kinds of soaps need to cure? And lastly, can stuff be added to them, such as oils ( shea, cocoa, etc), herbs?, dried flowers? goatsmilk powder (if I add this do I need a preservative once again so it dont go bad)?? I am using just some regular store bought soap ( Ivory)..does it matter what kind of soap I use? Should I be using dove, or maybe some dollar store soap??? :confused: Its unscented. I dont make lye soaps, but I read I could use this kind. These soaps arent going to be sold, they are just for my pleasure or maybe a gift or two. I am sorry for all the questions on my first post, but I want to get this right. It's driving me nuts lol. :mad: Thanks so much. And I look forward to getting to know all of you


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