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I don't understand what is going on...

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I have made palm pillars a hundred times before and had absolutely no problem with them. the literally fall out of the mold..and have a wonderful crystal structure.

now.. they will not demold.. no matter what... freezer.. fridge... nothing.

they have no crystal structure. I did everything exactly the same, brought temp up to 195 added stearic at 1 1/2 Tablespoons per lb, added scent, added dye, preheated molds, used mold release, poured.

three tests now and all the same.

oh, I did use 8% scent.. can hold up to 10 it says... so I lowered that to 6 % on one test and still didn't crystalize or release.

and just for info.. my room temperature is 76 degrees. I am using robnat 1230 pillar blend.

any suggestions.. or tips I can try would be heaven sent.

thanks and Merry Christmas!

daisy fairy

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What is your pour temp? I have to pour at least 185 in order to get the patterns. And I have to add 5% stearic for mold release. I find weighing my stearic works much better than using the tablespoons.

Is this a new batch of wax for you?

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oh, I am sorry.. I thought I included that.

I poured at 195 (per supplier instructions) I have made many many tests now and done this so far

PT-195 8% scent air cool 1 1/2 tbsp stearic/lb. very little pattern , stuck in mold

PT-195 6% scent air cool 1 1/2 tbsp stearic/lb. no pattern, hard de-mold

PT-195 0 scent air cool 0 stearic/lb. no pattern, hard de-mold

PT-195 0 scent air cool 1 1/2 tbsp stearic/lb. very little pattern , hard de-mold

PT-195 6% scent air cool 2 tbsp stearic/lb. no pattern , very hard de-mold

am waiting on these two tests.. but looking the same:

PT-185 8% scent air cool 1 1/2 tbsp stearic/lb.

PT-195 8% scent cooling under box to slow, 1 1/2 tbsp stearic/lb.

I will wait and see.. but so far these are not pulling away from the mold the crystal structure on the top (bottom) of candle is there but the others had some there too.. and it is too soon to tell... so I will see

I am beginning to think I was sent palm container instead of palm pillar/votive...

my supplier is closed today and I am going to call them.

I will be happy to try something else though if you have any suggestions.

I am open to anything at this point haha..



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I use both palm pillar & container. Though your FO percentage seems high for palm it would not cause your wax to "stick" to your mold. Your pour temp seems fine, though I don't know what "palm" exactly that your using. I usually pour mine around 190' and I have no problem de-molding them and have no problems with crystalization. Palm container wax WILL NOT release from a mold (trust me on this one :D) and you will have very little, if any, crystallization. My guess would be that you got container wax instead of pillar wax or just "bad" palm pillar wax.

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yes.. that is what I am thinking.. I am using a special blend my supplier has made just for them.. called robnat 1230.. they have a pillar blend and a container blend.

It holds up to 10% they say.. I have successfully made 8% pillars out of it in my last batch of wax over and over using these same scents so I know the oils are ok. I think there may have just been a mix up.. although the ten pound bag I got was labeled correctly.. so I don't know...

my other tests are done now and still not released from mold and so I am gonna have to fight to get them out. really not much difference in the top crystal structure of the one under the box and the air cooled one.

they have about the same look on top as they did before so I doubt it is going to work.

the last 10 pound bag I had was awesome and made wonderful candles.. very easy to use and they literally fell out of the molds.

I will just call them tomorrow and possibly just get a new bag sent to me.


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