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Mineral Oil


Is Mineral Oil good in lotions?  

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  1. 1. Is Mineral Oil good in lotions?

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Personally I don't like it , I feel it is to heavy and does not sink in.

thanks for the reply. trying to get a feel of the majority. i had heard the same thing, but for some reason or another it seems as though the lotions i have tried with mineral oil gives a great feel. it is possible it is not the mineral oil but another ingredient

anyone else want to share their thoughts about mineral oil

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I would check and see what other ingredients are in the lotion and where on the list mineral oil is. This is just a personal preference for me, some people do love mineral oil. It is kind of like vaseline some people love it, I can't stand the heaviness of it. I just doesn't do anything for me.

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There are some people who believe it can be a cause of skin cancer but no real data has been established on this. I for one do not put it in my products and I think it is over used as a cheap filler, also, I don't like the way it lays on my skin disallowing moisturizers to penetrate the skin.


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I realize this is hearsay, but I have read over and over that mineral oil can be drying for babies' skin, and as I make some products for babies, I just omit it altogether in all my products. You can get a great "dry" feeling from FCO or using something like grapeseed or another light oil.

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