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Mottling pillars and FO content

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Well, now that I'm done pouring containers for a little while :tongue2: I'm back to the pillars. DW wanted a couple of pillars for our fireplace mantle, so I wanted to try making some like ones I saw a friend had made in SC. They were Mulberry colored, slightly mottled, and scented Hyacinth.

I made one with 1.5 lbs plain Yaley's 147MP paraffin, two tsp Vybar 103, seven drops of Burgundy dye, and 6% load of Gemlite Hyacinth. Heated to 185, added dye and vybar, continued to heat till mixed, added FO, stirred again, then poured in a pre-heated 3" x 6" seamless alum mold wicked with primed #3 square braid. Poked relief holes, 2nd pour after cooled down. Removed with ease, leveled the base, and it is very nice uniform color and smells great!

Questions I have are: If I add any mottling oil (parol or Snowflake oil) will that reduce the amount of FO I can add and not have it sweat out? Is there an amount of FO I can add to make it mottle without using any extra oil of any kind? I have done some searching and found that Vybar is not conducive to mottling, and I assume that stearic will cause opacity, which could hide any mottling.

Also, I haven't test burned it yet, but I'm thinking that the #3 may be too big a wick. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! geek

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I get along fine without slimy mottles using 1 heaping T of steric to 1.25-1.5 oz of FO. Mottling doesn't get hidden. Cut out the vybar 103, or if you want to cut down on the mottling add only a couple of grains and see if that works for you. And yes, a #3 sb is too big for a 3x anything in most candles (FO dependent).

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If you want a fragranced mottle you don't need the mottling oil. A 6% fragrance load alone is typically way more than enough to mottle the wax. As Scented pointed out, any appreciable amount of Vybar will make it impossible to get a mottle, so this particular candle is a lost cause as far as that goes. Generally you use only stearic.

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