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Type of Soy?

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I am not sure what I am doing wrong but alot of my candles have either cracks in a circle or holes on the top. I am using cb-135 now but I found this wonderful invention Heat Gun!
Did you try the suggestions I made in the other thread about pouring temp and leaving out the Vybar? I can't predict the effect of the additive but it could be making it worse. Cracking and other surface imperfections in CB-135 (assuming using straight wax) are most often caused by pouring too cool.
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In that case all I can suggest is that you experiment a bit with the pour temp and check your thermometer just to be sure it's accurate.

The ideal pour temp varies according to the size and shape and material of the container. It can even vary with the season or (believe it or not) what kind of surface you're cooling on. Lately I've been making some testers with 4 oz tins and those little things cool off so quickly and unevenly that even my maximum pouring temp isn't high enough, except they come good if I cool them on a glass tabletop. :)

For the two containers I normally use, I know how to pour them so the tops come out great 99% of the time. Recently I got a few different kinds of crocks to make Christmas gifts with and didn't get a perfect pour with any of them. If I used them regularly I imagine I could experiment and figure it out.

However, one thing I did notice by virtue of the Christmas project is that the CB-135 comes out way nice with a 1/4 inch second pour on top. I think the results are much better and easier than heatgunning it. You could just save a little space and pour a nice finishing layer on each one at 160.

As far as testing a new wax, everyone does it from time to time so I would not discourage you. Just understand that you won't find the perfect soy wax. They are all finicky in various ways and people have varying experiences with them. Ultimately we all choose a product with strengths we like and weaknesses we don't mind dealing with.

As far as the ones you asked about, here are a few of my observations...

Eco CB-Pure Soy ate ECO wicks for lunch. CDN seems to work. The throw is pretty good. This one is the most prone to frost of the 3 Ecosoya waxes, but on the initial pour it's probably the most attractive frost I've seen. Sort of an even and subdued mottle pattern that just made it look interesting. I didn't forgive it for eating my wicks though.

Cargill C-3 seemed promising but is harder to wick than CB-135 because of (I guess) its higher melt point. If your typical containers aren't too wide or you're especially fond of double wicking, it may not matter. The throw seemed good. I didn't test it long enough to figure out how to eliminate the circular hairlines and bit of frost on the first pour.

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