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Question about a candle I bought

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I bought a soy candle recently and the wick won't stay lit. What is the problem? I did not cut it when I bought it and after the first time I used it the black part of the wick had fallen in the wax on top. I threw that away and tried to light it and it would not. I dug around the wick to expose more of it and it did burn a little longer but went out again on it's own. Should I contact the candle maker and get a replacement? Or is there something else I can do?


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If it was my candle, I personally would want you to contact me and let me make it right. Sometimes with soy, batches can vary so much from the next that changes can occur in your candle that you aren't aware of. Last year, lots of us on the board started reported how poorly our candles were suddenly burning. I switched wicks trying to fiugre out why my candles were not burning right. Nothing I did seemed to help. It was very frustrating. Then I started reading on here that others too were experiencing problems and it was a bad batch of wax. Showed me that it is important to test every batch of wax you get. Let the chandler know and what they do with the information is up to them. If it is a matter of they haven't properly tested and shouldn't be selling yet, it could send a message of the importance of knowing your product and R&D. If anything, it will make them aware of a problem regardless of the reason. Hopefully they will take the necessary steps to correct the problem and if not, and you make candles, that's good for you. :wink2:

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I think she is an established candle maker so maybe it's just a fluke. I will contact her and see if she could replace it. I wish I could make candles but that is something I will do in the future. I first started looking in to making candles last year but discovered bath and body and that has taken over right now. lol

Thanks for the input. :D

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