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Ok, I have a question. I know a lot of you probably use many different soys and different wicks and all that good stuff.

I recently started making soy candles. I've been switching up with different soys to see the difference. I was curious what soys and wicks you use that you like and that give a good scent.


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Right now I use MillCreek soy with 3% beeswax, and either HTP or LX wicks. Check out the threads on the new Golden Brands soy waxes, the GW444 and GW449. They are looking pretty good in testing, can pour hotter and have comparable if not better hot throw than plain soy or some other soy blends. Lots of posters got samples from GB and are testing them as we speak.

If no one has welcomed you yet, welcome! :grin2:

the geek

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