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What are your Spring scents?

litl splinter

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Now that most everybody is finished with x-mass scents, what are your spring scents going to be? Just kind of curious as to what scents sell in different parts of this big blue marble we live on.

I was hoping to take a break for at least a week or two, but already have requests for spring candles. So it's back to work! I need to order more scents anyways.

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Country Clothesline




Rose Petals

Pink Sugar


lavender(people like it)

Lily of the Valley

Some grapefruit one too??

Still want to check out more but these for now.Seems like so many more fall,holiday,and winter scents that are so good and with the spring ones you seem to lose track what is best.I really like the food ones and I want to go back to them all the time.Alot of people don't burn candles in warmer weather. You don't know what to choose.

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