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Best FO supplier


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Peaks and Just Scents have some great fo's

Brambleberry has great fo's for B and B

Old Mill has some nice fo's

Supplies for Candles

Scent Works


I would buy sample packs, it depends on what your using your scents for. Most of my candle scents I get from Peak's, my customers love them. I use several of theirs for B and B also. Becky at Just Scents has some really nice fo's Chestnuts and Brownsugar was a huge hit for me this fall and holiday season. She is great to deal with.

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As many different people answer, is as many different options! There are a ton of suppliers out there that work or don't work for everyone. I bought sampler packs from the majority of suppliers and got started that way. I had way too many suppliers though so I've pretty much narrowed down my line to Peak and JS. Both of these companies have always had great customer service and awesome FO, IMO

There are still a few I can't find anywhere, so I continue to use those suppliers (Like soapncandles, love her stuff!)

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I agree with Just Scent. Becky is top notch, and what she doesn't carry, she is willing to find for you. Awesome customer service and great sales.

I also use Ky, Heartfelt, ICS, Southern Scentsations, Scented Bean, SFS, Keystone, and a handfull of others, but most are being replaced with JS oil.

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heartfelt is my main place. but i have a few i am getting from peak.heartfelt has a great rocky mountain pine and sweet pumkin pie. scented bean i am still getting my sage and citrus from. was wonting to cut them out but could not find another one as good.cajuns apple strudel been meaning to try peak and heartfelt apples to try to replace that one but been to busy to do it.love that scent but would like a stronger one.i have to use 1.5 oz per lb of wax.

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I have never been disappointed with Peaks or Just Scent, their customer service is excellent, never ever had a problem with them. Becky's (Just Scent) sales are always out of this world (I love/curse them every week LOL).

I haven't been disappointed with Nature's Garden either. I have a one ounce sample poured and burning right now and it is sooooo strong, it smells up my whole master bedroom (and it's in my toilet closet), and is seeping out into the hallway. :D

Plus, I once got an order from them that leaked, and they resent me the full amount even though I told them I had only lost maybe an ounce in the leakage. No questions asked. ;)

The only disappointment I've ever had with these three suppliers was that I didn't care for the scent. LOL

They don't overcharge on shipping, and they are always on top of their orders, quick to ship, etc. I hate having to wait for things. LOL

Plus the free samples from JS and Peak are big bonuses in my book!! :D

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I'm a pretty small buyer but so far my favorites for candles are Nature's Garden, The Candle Source, SOS, SoapNCandles.

For body & soap, NG again and SoapNCandles.

Service: all are good, but Angie at SNC just rocks. And for me they are close so I can usually get my order the next day :yay:

I'm going to have to try Just Scent, sounds like that's a hot one too!

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