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Input on some fo


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Cantaloupe/cucumber from NG is awesome!

You won't go wrong with this scent!

Lick me all over, in my Joy wax, I really didn't get a strong cold/hot throw. OOB I wasn't to thrilled with it either



I was wanting some input on some fo.

cantaloupe/cucumber from NG

fruit slices- from anywhere

sex on the beach -from anywhere

black raspberry vanilla-from Peaks

lick me all over-from NG


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I use Candles & Supplies Black Raspberry Vanilla and it is really strong - one of my best sellers, even in the holiday. I got a sample of Peak's and haven't put it into wax, but it smells awesome. I haven't had anything from Peak that wouldn't throw well for me in J50 or 4627, so I think I might test it out and hopefully switch over after the new year. BRV is the only FO I get from C&S, so I have been looking for a new supplier.

I use BCS Sex on the Beach. Very strong in J50 at 1 oz pp.

I use Fruit slices from JS and LOVE this FO. No fuel smell and it also is one of my best sellers. HTH :)

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