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My twitter name is too long


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Any ideas to still keep my name but make it shorter. It can only be 15 characters long.

I thought about leaving the vowels out but that may be confusing.


Im okay with just a short name but don't want to get confused with the nursery rhyme or have that name already taken.


Any thoughts are appreciated thanks!

PS- one of the main reasons I thought about joining was because the new iOS 5 for idevices has twitter built into it plus my birthday is next Wednesday and I am hinting at getting the new 4S. With its great camera and video quality it would make a little on the spot tweets very convenient.

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I agree with Deb. Take that if you can. Why not? You are a cutie pie with a sleek product line, and you are very good at communicating clearly. Go for it, Jack!

Awe thank you for the compliment BlissStreet! (you are making me blush);-)

I think I will use just the JackBeNimble name. Hope it's not taken. Thanks again guys for your honest thoughts.


I just tried signing up for my twitter account using JackBeNimble and it's already taken:sad2:

So now I need to use another name. Just a thought, you can also let people find you using your email as well so that may help.

My second option that I suggested earlier was the JckBeNmblCndles

do you guys like that? I also like the CandleJack name that was suggest too.

Any suggestions? Thank you:-)

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I haven't been tweeting that long. I use the name candle_tammy. I know it is plain, but you have to be creative. A whole lot of names are taken. I do use a candle picture I made as my avatar. You can always put your website in your profile. That is what I did.

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